To Order Tests

We supply all packaging and shipping.

THERE IS NO COST for these supplies to you or your patients.

We work with most insurance companies.

Shipping Instructions

1. Call (845) 471-0356 for overnight boxes and test tubes via prepaid FedEx Clinical Courier Services.

2. Collect 2 red-top tubes of patient blood, and 2 EDTA tubes.

3. Centrifuge only SST tubes. (We will even provide centrifuges if you do not have one.)

4. Fill out requisition.

5. FedEx to EndoLab including top copy of requisition in the prepaid pre-packaged box using preprinted label provided
by EndoLab.

6. Majority of results reported within 24 hours via fax, mail or phone. Some tests with longer incubation periods require an additional 3-5 days.

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